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What You'll Learn

  • 2

    Week 1 - The Basics

    • Functions of the TM31
    • Functions of TM5
    • Cleaning & Caring for your Thermomix
    • Heat & Scales Test
    • Lessons from the Thermomix TM31 manual
    • Lessons from the TM5 Manual
  • 3

    Week 2 - So Many Recipes

    • How to organise recipes on your phone or smart device
    • How to organise paper recipes
    • Recipes on Cookidoo - Update July 2019
    • Sync Cookidoo and Cook Key
    • Favourite Recipe Websites
    • Recipe Sites PDF
    • How to save websites to homescreen - iOS & Android
    • Converting Conventional Recipes To Thermomix Method
  • 4

    Week 3 - Your Food Your Way

    • Meal in Minutes Playlist
    • Meal in Minutes Worksheet
    • Pantry & Fridge Organisation
    • What's Your Meal Planning Personality?
    • Meal Planning Your Way Strategies for all 4 Styles
    • The Architect: Your Meal Planning Guide
    • The Intuitive: Your Meal Planning Guide
    • The Supermarket Strategist: Your Meal Planning Guide
    • The Enthusiast: Your Meal Planning Plan
  • 5

    Week 4 - Spend Less

    • How to save money
    • Money Saving Calculator
    • Introduction to Capsule Pantry
    • Capsule Pantry Recipe List for Cookidoo
    • Capsule Pantry Recipe List from Basic Cookbooks
    • Capsule Pantry Grocery List
    • Your Capsule Pantry Template
    • Your Capsule Pantry Worksheet
    • Frittata Formula Recipe
    • No Waste Ideas
    • Your Food Waste Tracker
    • Fleur's Favourite No Waste Recipes - Cookidoo & Other Sites
    • Fridge Humidity Guide
  • 6

    Week 5 - I Just Cant Cook

    • Batch Cooking
    • Batch Cooking Worksheet
    • Fleur's Batch Cooking List
    • Replacing Take Aways - Your Fake-Away Plan
    • My Fake-Away Worksheet
    • Fake-Away Suggestions from Cookidoo
  • 7

    Week 6 - Dietary Needs

    • The Quirky Philosophy with Jo Whitton - Food intolerances & gut health
    • Going Grain Free & Dairy Free with Helen Marshall of Primal Alternative
    • Primal Alternative Recipe eBook
    • LCHF & Keto with Thermo Foodie & the Chef
    • Thermo Foodie Fact Sheet
  • 8

    Week 7 - Cooking with and for others

    • Get your Family Cooking
    • Your Entertaining Plan
    • Kids Recipes- Cookidoo
    • Kids Recipes
    • Your Entertaining Plan Worksheet
    • Easy Entertaining with Dani Valent
  • 9

    Week 8 - Steam & Servers

    • Varoma Tips
    • Varoma Tips PDF
    • ThermoServer Uses
    • Thermoserver uses PDF
    • Fleur's Favourite Varoma Dishes -Cookidoo
    • Fleur's favourite Varoma dishes - various sites
  • 10

    Bonus Week

    • Simple_Magnificence_Cooking_Class_eBook
    • Frittata Formula
    • Forming Scrolls Tutorial
    • How to mince meat
    • Low Carb Cauliflower Muffins
    • Cauliflower Muffin Recipe

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Have you got questions?

  • How long do I have access to the course for?

    You will have access to the course for the lifetime of the course online even if it is updated. You won't be cut off after a period of time.

  • I've got an older model Thermomix. Will this course still benefit me?

    Yes, absolutely! Where the information differs between TM31 & TM5 I will give different relevant information. In June 2019 the TM6 will be released in Australia. This course will be updated with TM6 information by end August 2019.

  • When can I do lessons?

    Anytime you like. The Everyday Thermomix course is totally self-paced. When you enrol you will receive access to the first week's module. A new module will be released each week for 10 weeks. You don't have to complete each module in that week. There is no deadline. This means you can complete a module, or a section of a module in your own time and you can revisit modules as often as you like. So if you're going away or unwell your course will be waiting for you when you come back to it.

  • Does it matter if I don't have a Cook-Key?

    If you don't have a Cook-Key, regardless of what model you have, you will still benefit from being a Cookidoo member and the content covered in that module.

  • Is this course just for new TM owners? I've had my Thermomix for years but still not using it as much?

    No, This course is for all TM owners. While the course is an ideal way for a new Thermomix owner to get started, the Everyday Theromix online course will also reinspire people who have had a Thermmomix for a long time but have lost their cooking mojo and not using their TM as often as they would like.

  • What if I need extra assistance?

    You will be invited to join the Everyday Thermomix Course Support group on Facebook. It's a closed group for students of this course. Student can ask questions and share ideas. Fleur is active on this page to support students. You can also contact me on fleur@cooklivelove.com.au.

  • Is there homework? Will I be graded?

    No, the activities are self-paced to help you implement the learnings from that module. If you would like feedback or have questions, you can email me on fleur@cooklivelove.com.au or ask a question in the Everyday Thermomix Support Facebook group.

  • Do I really need 8 weeks to learn how to use my Thermomix?

    There's no doubt that there's plenty to learn about the Thermomix. I still learn new things all the time but this course is broken down into 8 quick yet impactful video training modules. You will receive one per week for 8 weeks plus a pre-week module & a bonus module at the end. It's up to you when you watch the video's and do the activities. You don't have to even complete a module before moving on to the next. You will be able to watch the videos and do the activities when you want.


Your new kitchen life is just a click away!



Kerry Owen

Valuable Hints & Tips

Kerry Owen

Thank you so much Fluer, your workshop was wonderful. Lovely to learn valuable hints and tips, plus taking my thermie experience to the next level. A great morning 🙂
Margaret Jolly

Practical Application

Margaret Jolly

Fleur is such a great fount of knowledge and practical application to everyday living. And she practises what she preaches. An excellent and engaging presenter.
Alison Clarke


Alison Clarke

Loved the Ultimate Thermomix Workshop. Packed full of helpful hints and tips that have inspired me to use my Thermomix more because you made it so easy.
Jane Hely


Jane Hely

Just completed a class with Fleur. SO MANY TIPS!!! Loved it and would thoroughly recommend a class to anyone. Thanks so much Fleur! 💕
Melissa Taylor

Inspired To Cook Again!!

Melissa Taylor

Thank you Fleur for the awesome 'Ultimate Thermomix Workshop' I’m #inspiredtocookagain 🥣🍽 I have begun to use my thermomix more....so much so that my girlfriend and I hosted a girl's champagne birthday lunch at my place. The girls were impressed by our cooking skills! Thank you to our Thermomixes! We are now called the Thermomix queens 🤣🌟
Sharon Cottingham

Thanks Fleur!

Sharon Cottingham

Fantastic workshop this morning - thanks Fleur for sharing so many wonderful tips and tricks 😍💕
Una Schumacher

Skilled Presenter

Una Schumacher

I attended the Ultimate Thermomix Workshop today. It is not your usual class. I learnt so much and have come home very enthusiastic about how I can change the way I cook at home. Some of the ideas are very simple but together they will make a big difference. Fleur is a skilled and patient presenter who clearly knows her topic inside out. Lovely setting too. Highly recommend.
Jacquie Colhoun

Better Utilise My Thermi

Jacquie Colhoun

Had a great morning with Fleur and the rest of the ladies, learning so many very useful tips and information on how I can better utilise my Thermie. I went for a shop afterwards and purchased some new pantry storage essentials and started getting organised to put it all into practise. Well worth doing.
Marianne McMillan

Feel More Confident

Marianne McMillan

I was lucky enough to go to see Fleur do her Pantry and Fridge Staples presentation. A great morning and now I feel more confident to try making things like a mayo ( and what to do if it splits :) ) ricotta etc. We also learnt lots of handy little tricks. Thank you.
Linda Lou

Easily Explained

Linda Lou

Great workshop! Easily explained and informative class. Truly recommend Fleur's classes xx

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About Fleur Sharpe

Fleur Sharpe

Fleur Sharpe

Fleur was born and raised in Toowoomba, Queensland, where she learned to love cooking with good simple ingredients from her Mother and Grandmothers. Growing up she was given free rein to experiment in the kitchen. Moving to Brisbane in 1991 and now the mother of 2 teenagers, Fleur still loves to cook from scratch just like her mother and grandmothers did but knows firsthand how challenging that can be in today's modern world. "I always aspired to be like my Nan, making every single thing her family ate from scratch with whole ingredients and a lot of LOVE but that took up most of her time. When I had my own growing family and working as well it was almost impossible to cook from scratch daily which meant we ate a lot of processed and take away foods", Fleur says. "But that all changed the day a good friend introduced me to the wonders of the Thermomix®. I fell in LOVE with the machine instantly and a few months later became a consultant. That was over 7 years ago now." Over the past 7 years with Thermomix® in Australian Fleur has been a Consultant, a Team Leader and a Branch Manager. Today she is the Cooking Class specialist and Special Projects Lead. In that time Fleur has helped thousands of customers who all have the same challenge - making quick, delicious and nutritious meals EVERY SINGLE DAY! "Over the past 7 years, I have gathered a lot of knowledge around solving the biggest kitchen challenges. I know people want meals that are quick, simple, delicious and cost-effective and I can help them achieve that with their Thermomix®", Fleur adds. Cook Live Love is Fleur's side business born out of her passion for helping people COOK easily to LIVE a better life and LOVE the ones around them. The Ultimate Thermomix® Workshop has been designed by Fleur to, in just a few short hours, address the biggest and most common kitchen problems. You will walk away inspired to cook in your Thermomix more, but more importantly, have practical steps you can take straight away to make your life in the kitchen a whole lot easier.